Running without a reason

With the fashion that today is running as now is called running, people who practice it are very well uniformed for the practice of running, wear clothes that allow optimal breathability and specific athletic shoes to run with the as much comfort as possible, since it is the same to run with sports shoes that are not specific to running.

Even now they have running elastic cords for a better grip of the sneakers, anything that goes on the market intended for people who practice running has a very good reception, either special laces or a hair band that shine in the darkness.

The safety of people who practice running is a bit in question as they run where they please without taking into account the people around them, sometimes you go on the sidewalk next to the beach that does not is that it is what is said wide, it is rather quite narrow, and as you do not move away or let them pass, they devastate you without any kind of modesty. Then there are those who run directly on the road putting themselves in danger not only themselves but also drivers who have to dodge them with the danger that entails.

There are others for example that if they run where they should, in places away from cars and conditioned so they can run as calmly and comfortably as possible, the problem with these sites is that they are very crowded and people prefer to run a little more alone, the town councils should take into account the needs of its inhabitants and prepare more spaces so that people who practice this sport can do it with assured security.
Personally run to run without seeing it, if at least run after a ball or something like it would seem more normal, there are sports that have to run but with a specific sense, that I see more logical.