Where to buy authentic vegan shoes?

Authentic vegan shoes are those that do not carry any material of animal origin. And this implies the material of the shoe, the sole and also the possible glues that are used to join one and the other. But, in addition, authentic vegan shoes are also ecological, so they do not contain polluting materials that are not respectful with nature. In particular, they avoid plastics as they are one of the least ecological products and one of those that cause the most problems in the natural environment.

But with the trend of vegan, the clothing industry has wanted to sell at the expense of this denomination, since they know that they will attract many customers just by saying that something is vegan. Especially people who are still not very clear about the concept and who end up buying something that is not really what they are being promised. And it is that everything can be very confusing at first.

This is the case of supposedly vegan shoes that are made entirely of highly polluting plastics. They are sold as vegan because they are free of products of animal origin, but they do not comply with the philosophy that accompanies this label. This is the case of the so-called ecological leather, a fabric that imitates leather but is made of polyester. It is vegan leather because it does not come from animals, but it is highly polluting and, therefore, no person who follows this philosophy would want to buy it.

But we also find shoes that do comply with that philosophy, but whose price does not make sense since they are simple espadrilles of a lifetime that now claim to charge three or four times more expensive because they have that vegan label. And this is a problem for many people who would really want to buy a product with these characteristics, but who sadly see how previously cheap products have now become luxuries that are no longer within reach of their pockets.

Therefore, one of the best places to buy these types of shoes is the Internet. There you can buy authentic vegan shoes online at a great price. You will be able to read carefully with what materials the shoe is made and also compare the prices to buy the shoes in those establishments that really offer authentically sustainable footwear, free of elements of animal origin and at a fair price that it is possible to pay.