Next opening 

The poster already hangs outside the room: opening soon. Although we have had to delay it until after the summer due to the pandemic, I have maintained the illusion in this new adventure that I hope can flourish. It is a yoga center in a place very close to my house. For a few years she had been as a teacher in different centers, both private and dependent on some public associations. It wasn’t bad for me, but I realized that the benefits did not match the time I put into it. It was time to establish myself on my own.

Despite the risks involved in managing everything yourself, I am convinced that it will turn out well, among other things, because many former students have already expressed their interest in my room. After finding a suitable space in the neighborhood and enabling it, a moment that I love has arrived: the decoration. A yoga center must be cared for down to the smallest detail to favor a suitable climate for the practice of this discipline.

Not only should the rooms follow a particular aesthetic, but I suggested to my collaborators that the entire venue should follow the same aesthetic criteria, from the type of lighting to the color of the walls. I chose most of the materials myself, even the rubber cords from which the lamps in the main yoga room should hang.

It is true that there came a time in this final phase that I became a little obsessed. It coincided with the whole issue of the pandemic and I couldn’t help but believe that I had been a bit unlucky to have the opening raised just at this time. But then I asked myself a question: who has not been affected to a greater or lesser extent by all this?

So I put the bad luck on the table and went back to my rubber shoelaces and my shades of green for the wall: the good thing about delaying the opening is that I did not have to rush: better take things slowly. I took advantage of the time to continue teaching my classes in other centers and leave everything ready to open the business.